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While most flight simulators are designed to teach procedural behavior (how to fly a real airplane) and other are mission oriented (dog fight WWI & WWII), Ikaro Racing Game is neither of those.

With Ikaro Racing Game you will experience the freedom of flight, the joy of low altitude exploration and the fun of play typical of arcade games.

Develop your sense of position in the air, exercise your ability, improve your reaction time , with diligent practice you can achieve a great flight coordination. As you go through all the different levels of the game, your skill will improve and you will be able to take on additional challenge.

.killer Features

▢ Five different environments.

▢ Up to 20 different tracks.

▢ Up to 6 airplanes.

▢ Career modality.

▢ Classic and Arcade style.

▢ Time of day selectable.

▢ Dinamic wheather system.

▢ All game sessions are fully recorded for later replay.

▢ Support for most peripheral interfaces.

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